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    Important Announcement

    Post by Admin on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:31 am

    It is with great sadness that we have to tell you it has been necessary to ban two people from membership of Holy Shih Tzu.

    These people are known from many other forums where they have multiple usernames, multiple personalities and talk about ownership of dogs of several breeds, sometimes mixing up the names and ages of the dogs. There is serious doubt, here and elsewhere, that the photos they post are actually theirs and have been taken without consent from other websites such as breeders' websites, dog bow suppliers' sites, at dog shows and so on. We now have proof that they do not own the copyright of some of the photos they have posted.

    They were noticed soon after they joined the forum and we have been working hard to gather together enough evidence to convince us it is best for Holy Shih Tzu to send them on their way.

    We are sorry this has happened and we do not take bannings or suspensions lightly but we will not tolerate rule breakers here and please be assured your Admin Team does (and will continue to do) everything humanly and electronically possible to keep our lovely forum the safe, secure and happy place we all love.

    This thread will not be left open for public comment, for obvious reasons.

    Thank you all - now get back to some happy posting!

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